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Rashaad Glasgow


About Me

Hey! I'm Rashaad Glasgow and you could say dancing saved my life! I'm a 100 lb weight loss success story who danced his way to fitness and health! Struggling with my weight as a child, I finally reached my goal weight at age 16 and have kept it off ever since (going on 9 years now)! But even has a morbidly obese kid and teenager I always maintained a love for dancing. Throughout my weight loss journey I utilized dance as my fun cardio, so when I was introduced to Zumba the pieces fell perfectly together. 

So why Zumba with me you ask? 3 simple reasons. Number one, I LOVE dancing! Its my happy place and I'm sure you'll find a class with me your happy place also. Number two, I love a good time, and I want you to have a blast as well! We're gonna dance and party our way to our fitness goals! Lastly number three, I personally know what it like to struggle with weight and fitness and I've been able to overcome it. My class is for all shapes, weights, sizes, and gender with no judgment. You dont't have to be a dance expert, a fitness expert, or a health expert. Just come ready for a dance party! I can't wait to see you have a blast on the "dance floor"!


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